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The Extra Mile Award

  1. The Extra Mile Award Submission Form
  2. The Extra Mile employee appreciation award acknowledges those who go above and beyond here at the City of La Vergne and those whose efforts have inspired and supported the performance and achievement of others. We also hope to reward those who show individual achievement, contribution, and performance.

    Some criteria can include:

    • Does the employee consistently "go the extra mile" without being asked?
    • Do they improve work methods, improve efficiency, or contribute new ideas?
    • Do they advance their knowledge by learning new skills?
    • Is the employee cooperative, compassionate, and friendly to fellow employees and customers on a regular basis?
    • Have they volunteered for special projects?
    • Has the employee been integral to the success of their department or a project?

    Remember - the employee does not have to meet all the criteria in order to be nominated or selected for the Extra Mile award. Employees who are eligible after 90 days of employment must have good attendance and have no current disciplinary action pending.

    Winners are announced every January, April, July, and October. All nominations are anonymous.

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