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Old Timers Festival Parade Application

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  2. Old Timers Festival - Parade Application
  3. Size of Float
  4. Check each box to indicate you have read and understand each statement listed*
  5. Participant Agreement*
    We / I agree to abide by the regulations and restrictions set forth. I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of La Vergne from any loss, claim, penalty, or lawsuit in any way arising from my involvement in the parade. A Waiver/release form must be signed for each members of your group participating in the parade.
  6. Rules Agreement*
    We / I agree to abide by the rules for the Old Timers Festival Parade. (see Parade Rules link).
  7. Electronic Signature Agreement*
    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that 1) your application will not be signed in the sense of a traditional paper document, 2) by signing in this alternate manner, you authorize your electronic signature to be valid and binding upon you to the same force and effect as a handwritten signature, and 3) you may still be required to provide a traditional signature at a later date.
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