Build a Rain Garden

A rain garden is an area vegetated with native plants in a depression of your yard that will collect and store stormwater runoff so that the water has time to soak into the ground before overwhelming our stormwater sewer systems and causing flooding. They also filter out pollutants by filtering stormwater runoff through the garden before entering the stormwater sewer system. 

This is becoming more and more important as we change our natural lands into impervious surfaces like parking lots and roads – which speeds up stormwater runoff and increases the amount of pollution in our water.

An added benefit for you - rain gardens add beautiful native plants to your yard and will attract pollinators like bees and butterflies!

If you are interested in having a rain garden on your property, then this program is for you! The City of La Vergne is partnering with the Cumberland River Compact for our Build a Rain Garden Program. This program will bring rain gardens to qualifying citizens of La Vergne for completely FREE.

The deadline to apply is December 30, 2022.

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  1. Alexandra Thompson

    Alexandra Thompson

    Stormwater Coordinator

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How does the program work?

1. Sign up for a consultation using this link:

2. If your property is approved by the Cumberland River Compacts rain garden experts then you will be signed up for the program and a rain garden plan will be created for your property.

3. Volunteers will help to prepare your planting location for the rain garden planting.

4. All plants will be provided for the homeowner and volunteers will help to get all of the plants planted correctly!

5. Then all that is left to do is maintain your rain garden and enjoy the benefits that it brings to your yard.

Please note:

Yards that have large amounts of standing water are not ideal for rain gardens. The ponding water can drown the plants.

For more information on suitable yards or spaces for rain gardens check out the Cumberland River Compacts Rain Garden Manual.

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