Leaf Pick Up

The City of La Vergne will be collecting leaf litter for the first time from October 25, 2021 through November 30, 2021 using the City's new leaf vacuum machine. Crews will make one route through every residential street in La Vergne.

Residents can pile their leaves out by the road in front of the front yard prior to October 25 to guarantee their leaves will be picked up. Staff will have a pre-written route that they will follow but routes are not assigned specific dates to be run.

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Leaves MUST be in a raked pile. Scatted leaves will NOT be collected.

Bagged Leaves will not be collected.

Any leaves piled on stone or gravel will NOT be collected.

If your leaves are not out when the crew makes their routes through your neighborhood they will not be go back to get it.

Five-Foot Rule

Leaves must be piled no more than five (5) feet away from the curb. The crew cannot leave the roadway and the vacuum does not have an extension. If they cannot reach the leaves they will not be collected. A trick is to lay your rake on the ground – if your rake cannot reach the pile, it is too far away.

Drainage Ditches and Storm Draines

Do not put your leaves in the drainage ditch or storm drain. If you have a ditch, pile the leaves behind or in front of the ditch line, remembering the five-foot rule. Leaves in the ditch line will NOT be collected. If you have curb and gutter, place your leaves behind the curb on the grass or on the sidewalk.


Do not put brush or garbage in your leave pile. If there is brush in the pile staff will not collect the pile.

Property Damage

Place leaves at least 15’ away from any property such as cars and trash cans. If the crew fears they may cause property damage they will not collect the leaves.


Roads with No Outlet

Roads with no outlet or roads that do not have a culdesac turn around will not be collected. The vacuum cannot safely turn around in that space and cannot be backed up due to safety. These roads include but are not limited to: 

  • Walnut Ridge (North of Valley Ct.)
  • Buffalo Dr. (West of Burntwood)
  • Laurel Ledge (East of Briarhill Ct.)
  • Knollwood Dr.
  • Woodcrest Dr. (North of Summerhill Lane)
  • Buford Johnson (West of Osprey Ct.)
  • Spring St. 
  • Zellwood (North of Fruitland) 
  • Poulan Ct.
  • Hampton Dr.
  • Tara Dr.
  • Lookout Dr. (West of Woody Thomas)
  • Centennial Dr. (south of Deleware Ct.)
  • Parrish (East of Apple St.)
  • Mankin Pl. (West of Alsup)
  • Markum Dr.
  • Tuffnell (South of St. Hubbins)
  • Abingdon (South of St. Hubbins)
  • Luton (West Penmar Dr.)
  • Pope Dr.
  • Hillview Dr.
  • HIckory St. 
  • Barnett St.
  • Humble Dr. (South of Harell, North of Nuview)
  • Suncrest Dr. (West of Sweetgum Dr.)
  1. Alexandra Thompson

    Alexandra Thompson

    Stormwater Coordinator