Brush Truck Service

Free of Charge

The Public Works Department of the City of La Vergne provides a brush pickup service all year to the residents of the city free of charge.  Residents do not have to schedule brush truck pick up; the trucks cycle throughout the city.  In order to efficiently cover the entire town, the Street Department works one section of town at a time.  The volume of pick-up impacts the time needed to complete each section.  The Department strives to maintain this schedule; however, it may be altered during times of heavy workload or inclement weather.

There is no need to call for pick-up service.

This service is designed to accommodate routine pruning and trimming done by the homeowner, and not large scale trimming performed by other parties.

Public works posts regular updates about the brush truck's location to its Facebook Page, La Vergne Public Works.
Brush Truck Zones, June 2022

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Brush Truck Guidelines

  • The pile of brush must be left within 4 feet of the edge of the road or if there is a ditch line, brush must be left just inside the ditch so as to not block the flow of water. This allows the crew to have access to the debris without making a mess in the resident’s yard. Stack limbs with the cut end facing the curb.  Placement on the paved surfaces of the street is prohibited and creates a danger to the public and potential liability to the homeowner.
  • The maximum diameter of the limbs is 6 inches. Limbs and stumps thicker than that will not be picked up. The homeowner must dispose of these large limbs by another means. The Department recommends cutting anything thicker than 6 inches in diameter for firewood.
  • The pile of brush can be no larger than 5 feet by 5 feet by 10 feet long. no brush piece should be longer than 10 feet. If you think you will have more than this, consider laying out one pile for now and the other pile next month.
  • The brush truck cannot handle vines, loose leaves or root balls.
  • Do not include in your pile the following: plastic, metal, wire, cardboard, paper or glass.
  • The City will not pick up limbs that have been cut by a commercial trimming service. The service should remove any debris generated by its operations. Commercial tree trimming includes any third party performing services for the homeowner including, but not limited to, tree removal/trimming companies, landscaping services, handyman, or other person(s) performing such service for the homeowner.

At the discretion of the Public Works Director or his designee, crews may refuse to pickup certain brush piles that due to their size or composition, are outside the reasonable capabilities of the City’s resources, or are not in accord with the intent of this service.

For citizens who need brush disposal more often than the City provides, free brush disposal for Rutherford County residents is offered by Rutherford County (not the City) at Murfreesboro Mulching Operation, 4765 Florence Road, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The Brush Truck service goes across town over a 6 week period.

The Department strives to maintain this schedule; however, it may be altered during times of heavy workload or inclement weather. If there are any questions regarding this service or these guidelines, please call Public Works at 615-793-9891.