Permits, General Rules & Ordinances


Burn Permits

Although burn permits are not required for normal residential burning, residents should use common sense by observing their surroundings and weather conditions before proceeding with any type of burn.  Bonfires do require a burn permit which can be obtained at the Fire Administration building during normal business hours.  Businesses must go to the Fire Administration building during normal business hours for a commercial burn permit. The Fire Administration building is located at 283 Old Nashville Highway.

Swimming Pool Permits

Swimming pool permits are available at the Codes, Engineering and Stormwater Building, 5175 Murfreesboro Road, during regular business hours. The cost is $50. When applying for a swimming pool permit, you need to bring a plot plan of their lot. If you do not have a plot plan, you can obtain one at the Rutherford County Register of Deeds office, 615-898-7870.

Other Permits

Permits for building, fences, sheds and other improvements are available at the Codes, Engineering and Stormwater Building, 5175 Murfreesboro Road, during regular business hours.

  • Shed permits - based on Square Footage
  • Deck permits $50
  • Sign permits (costs vary, based on type and size)
  • Moving permits (e.g., house or trailer) $150
  • Permits for temporary structures or temporary signs (30 days only, costs vary)

There are several different types of permits required in the city. Contact the Codes Department for detailed information at 615-213-2624.

General Regulations

Read the entire code including restrictions and violations here. Some highlights include:
  • No stagnant swimming pools or other water that would breed mosquitoes.
  • No grass, weeds, and other undesirable vegetation to grow in excess of 1 foot in height within 100 feet of any property line, residence, business, industry, or public right-of-way.
  • No trash, rubbish, and refuse to accumulate on his or her property to such an extent that a nuisance is created.
Lawn mower
  • Premises shall not become or remain in a filthy condition, or permit the use or occupation of same in such a manner as to create noxious or offensive smells and odors in connection therewith, or to allow the accumulation or creation of unwholesome and offensive matter or the breeding of flies, rodents, or other vermin on the premises to the menace of the public health or the annoyance of people residing within the vicinity.
  • No disabled and/or inoperative motor vehicle to be parked on property for more than 2 weeks.
  • A fence or barricade is required where there are swimming pools.
  • Unfit structures need to be repaired or removed, or the city may intervene.
  • No loose dogs. Pets should be provided clean environment with plentiful fresh water, food and shelter.
  • Shhhh… please be a considerate neighbor, especially between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. See chapter 2 about offenses against the peace and quiet to learn more..
  • No parking on the street.

Important Ordinances

  • Ordinance 2011-01 Denial and Revocation of City Issued Permits for Non-Payment of City Fees and Taxes.
    If you don’t pay money owed to the city, your operational permit could be denied or revoked.
  • Ordinance 2011-07 Damage to Water Meters
    If you break it, you buy it.
  • Ordinance 2010-01 Allow Yard Sale Signs in Right-of-Way Allowed Thursday morning through Sunday night.
    Can not cause traffic hazard, block views, or pose distraction. no larger than six square feet high.
  • Penalties for Parking Violations
    Traffic citation cost is $50, plus $10-20 in court fees depending on whether you challenge and win/lose.
  • Ordinance Number 2010-23 Amend Zoning Ordinance - Signs
    Extensive rules regarding signs, but bottom line is no signs in a public right-of-way.
  • Ordinance Number 2010-24 Amend the La Vergne Municipal Code Regarding the Citizens Forum
    You have the right to speak. Citizen Forum to be held prior to Board of Mayor and Aldermen workshop and regular meeting. Sign-up no later than 15 minutes prior to meeting.
  • Ordinance Number 2009-04 Amend False Alarm Fines and Fees
    If there are more than 3 false alarms in one place for police or fire, there will be fines.